I have over two decades of experience, working in film, television and video and am well placed to help you understand how to work with video that really showcases your drone’s capability.

My core business is producing content for major corporations, broadcast TV and independent films (when I get the chance). I work with tight schedules to get the best possible video out to my clients for their communications. There is no leeway when it comes to quality and delivery deadlines, so I hope my knowledge will make your video work easier and less complex!

I started making films in my early twenties, using Super 8mm and post-synchronising sound, manually sticking my edits together with glue and tape. Quite different to the incredible ease with which we can create today! I have worked with digital video ever since it became available and have built up an expertise in post production, as well as cinematography, directing and producing.

My career has taken me from a few years in the British army, via tax accountancy and marketing, to running my own production company, which I set up in 2004. Now I work with household names in the corporate sector, in industries as diverse as high-street fashion, wealth management, publishing and even healthcare (as well as many others), as well as providing content for major UK broadcasters. I produce live videos and animations too, which are used globally by my clients.

Whether editing a CEO’s presentation to their people, repairing and mixing the audio on an independent feature or cutting footage of a golf tournament for broadcast TV, the principles are the same and the technical knowledge is just as important. This is where I can help.


I started using drones in 2018, as a hobbyist (I know, my day job is video, but drones are just so damn cool!). My professional life does not (currently) need to be complicated by adding to it, but I imagine that may change soon enough! Anyway, like anyone starting out on a new interest, I quickly realised that I needed a certain amount of help in understanding this and that, so I started looking at various forums, YouTube channels and Facebook pages.

Happily, there is just a ton of information out there about how to fly, what bits of kit you need to make your flights go smoothly and what settings you should use for the best images and video. For me, that was ideal, as once I know my way around a camera, I know what to do to get the footage I want. Flying is different, but I was comfortable that, with a load of practice, I would master it – still working on that bit!

However, looking at the forums and Facebook groups, it has become all too clear that the questions asked again and again are along the lines of:

“What editing software should I use?”

“What computer is best for editing drone footage?”

“Why can’t I easily edit my 4K footage from my new Mavic 2 Pro?”

“How do I add music to my videos?” etc, etc, etc

These are all the right questions, but the answers are not simple and frequently the solution will involve spending money. We’re talking about stuff that people simply don’t know they don’t know, because it’s stepping into the realms of technical knowledge that is usually reserved for professional video editors/producers.

I want to try and prepare drone enthusiasts to understand the implications of owning a drone, if you want to make proper use of the footage it shoots. Basically, I got fed up of answering the same questions on Facebook, with answers that really just make the questioner feel overwhelmed.

On the site you will find a page of the questions I am most frequently asked, with answers that should go some way to clearing the fog. Those questions will be addressed in much more detail as the site grows, but there are bound to be many, many more questions too. If you find this useful, please do visit my Facebook page, where you can ask me more! If the demand is there, I will do some live Q&A too.

So, that’s what this site is about: what you really need to understand if you want to make the best drone videos.